Water Activities

Water Sports at Crystal Lagoon

The attraction Crystal Lagoon is it’s clean filtered clear waters. The listerine blue enclosed sea water lagoon attracts plenty of visitors daily. The WOW Experience has a wide variety for water sports activities to keep guests busy and occupied while they enjoy the Crystal Lagoon.


If you prefer to chill and take it easy, you can ride on the water tricycle or the bumper boat while you enjoy the view from the centre of the lagoon.


For adrenaline junkies, rest assured that we have more than enough activities to drain all your energy by the end of the day. You can challenge your mates on the water sports park obstacle course, get a ride on the Jetovator and fly above the water or test your skills on a board in the wake park located on the other end of the lagoon!


As most of the Treasure Bay’s water sports activities are operated by The WOW Experience and you can choose or combine activities at attractive rates!


Some of the water sports that you can find on the lagoon includes:

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