Firefly Tour

Firefly Tour

Cruise on the mangrove river after a sumptous seafood meal in our favourite local kelong to discover and spot fireflies! Probably the best kept secret on things to do at night in Bintan!


One of the most unqiue and relaxing experience for many City Dwellers when they visit Bintan Island, is to hop on a night boat and cruise deep into the mangrove river to experience nature!


The boatman will bring you to the spots that you will be able to spot fireflies and be awe by the sight of them filling up an entire bush. If you get lucky, the fireflies might even land on you for a wefie! So be sure to have your cameras ready in night mode to capture the magnificent experience with the fireflies in Bintan.


Each trip will last about 45min and all participants will be required to wear a life jacket, regardless. Participants can also enjoy the peace and quiet in the mangrove river as they cruise alongside the fireflies.


This experience is best coupled with our highly recommended Kelong seafood dinner which is also the starting point to your firefly tour experience.


Price per person will be $38 and children under 12 will cost $28 each. Enquire with us to arrange the night to remember during your stay in Bintan Resorts!