Giving Back & Helping (the less fortunate)

corporate eventsBeing in Bintan for some time now, The WOW Experience (Singapore) have had hosted countless groups doing team building sessions, fun day events and groups of people coming together to just have fun in the crystal lagoon. However, this does not portray the realism of how Bintan is, as an Indonesian island. It’s not all smiles and fun. Outside of Lagoi (northern portion of Bintan Island), there are scenes of locals living in less than desirable conditions and small families trying to make ends meet with simple meals on the table daily.

We often have to go out of the “resorts area” to purchase necessities and as we ride through the actual part of the island, we can’t help but to see the vast differences between Lagoi (the resorts area) to the rest of Bintan Island. We (The WOW Experience) thought that something has to be done in whichever small ways we could and hence we decided to start our own CSR Program to giveback and to help the less fortunate here.

 Corporate Team building Bintan

Volunteering in Bintan

At this point in time, we have tied up with 2 orphanages (one Christian and one Muslim based) and we are organising a weekend every 2 months to reach out to them. We definitely aim to do more, provided we have such specific requests, and have enough volunteers to step forward to join us in these efforts. We welcome corporate companies who like to be involved in CSR activities or groups of friends from any organisations, or privately formed, to contact us to organise the CSR Program to reach out to the less fortunate children.

The program as of now is targeted to offer more interaction with the kids from the orphanages and also to contribute donations in forms of daily essentials, schooling items, food and also love gifts in form of cash. A typical session involves bringing the less fortunate kids into Treasure Bay to meet the volunteers, sponsor them a meal (lunch usually) and proceed to have some games and activities in and around Treasure Bay. Many locals love to turn up in the property’s iconic Crystal Lagoon on the weekend and we want to give the kids the same opportunities like any others as well. Interaction and games together will last about 3 to 4 hours in Treasure Bay and they will head back to their homes while volunteers can check in their hotels in Lagoi, followed by dinner and free & easy.

Corporate Team building Bintan

Volunteering in Bintan

Following day, volunteers will have the opportunity to visit the children once again in their orphanage and present the gifts and donations to the centre. We encourage volunteer to befriend the kids directly and give them moral support by sharing their life, encouraging stories or even giving life advices. We definitely hope to do more in future as well. We aim to be able to provide more for the less fortunate (not just kids only), either enriching their spirit life, improving their living conditions or even educating them and investing in them to ensure they are given the same opportunities as any of their peers in school.

Orphanage Beneficiaries in Bintan

If you are interested to be involved or think that you would like to organise this meaningful event for your organisation, please drop us an enquiry and we will be happy to provide more details and what we have done thus far. You can also follow this link to see our Corporate Social Responsibilities Program.
Let’s step forward to give a helping hand to someone to needs it, regardless of nationality, religion or race. It’s always MORE BLESSED TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE.

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